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The design of your website is crucial; it is not, as many people believe, simply a question of looking good. From the very start your site needs to be effective, attractive, powerful and easy to use.  It must, of course, look good and reflect your business or organisationís needs. webtoil site designYour site must be designed to work well on the lowest common denominator, in other words it must convey your particular message to potential and existing customers no matter what standard of computer they are using. 

Not all your clients will have the latest computer hardware and software but you donít want your design to alienate any section of your target market.   

We can offer complete Website Packages, including:

  • Assistance in drafting of copy
  • Creation of logos and banners
  • Optimisation of Graphics & Photos
  • Design of colour schemes
  • Design of page layout
  • Creation of web pages
  • Testing on major web browsers
  • Publication of website and all associated files to website host
  • Domain name search and registration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Registration
  • One or two years website hosting

 Please contact us to discuss your needs.