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Usability and Accessibility

Many websites look good, but hinder the visitor's ability to achieve their objectives. Online shoppers abandon their shopping carts after becoming frustrated by poor navigation structures or users are unable to find the NATO Research and Technology Organisationinformation they are searching for.   Webtoil  offers a wide range of services to ensure that your site is usable and accessible.

Our recent clients include the NATO Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), who engaged us to conduct a full usability audit, including an heuristic evaluation, accessibility assessment, browser compatibility testing, performance and security tests.


Webtoil's usability evaluations encompass four key usability factors:

• Effectiveness: measures whether or not users can actually do what they are supposed to be able to do on a site. Can users complete key tasks on the site with relative ease? This includes the effectiveness of searching the site, along with the presentation of content.
• Reliability: measures whether the functionality of the site inspires confidence and trust. Does the site work? Do the links go to the right places? Are all of the fields in online forms validating user inputs correctly?
• Compatibility: Does the site function on various configurations of computer, operating system, plug-in and browser combination.
• Functionality testing: involves activities such as checking that the various combinations of inputs a user may supply on a form don’t cause a crash


Webtoil will validate your web pages for conformity to web accessibility best practices, including the W3 HTML validation and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).